I look up to the sky full of stars

Trying to summon my heart full of wars

My eyes see the beauty of the sky

I envie the birds who can fly

I want to follow my dreams

I want life to be as easy as it seems

I think about my future, my lover and my family

They all lie frozen in my thoughts being chilly

Alas the thought of my loved ones summons the wars in my heart

My heart and my beein agree for once for a new life start

Deep shit

There are thousands of feelings hidden behind this smile
You wouldn’t wanna know them, you would rather walk a mile

You held a trigger right at my chest and I told you I was afraid to die
Yet you refused to put it down and you said its time to say goodbye

You were my coffee in the morning but now you are just a bad thought
You are like the web where all my feelings have got caught

You are the parasite sucking on my happiness
Even though I am not with you, everyday you give me anxiety and stress

I regret ever having you in my life
With your memories and thoughts, it makes my life harder to survive


Once I had a dream of my favourite things
For once I kept away the topic which stings
I kept away my sadness and my sorrow for its sake
I kept away the bad, the worry and the fake

I had a dream of marshmellows,
icecreams and tarts
Going to the malls and playstores and marts
For all that was happening it didn’t feel real
Everything happy and blue and surreal

I finally woke up from my dream
Felt I was loaded with a dollop of cream
Figured I had achieved all this in reality
Which made my life filled with confetti

I wait

I wait for you to text back
I wait for you to relieve me
From the sadness that has formed a stack

I wait for you to look at me and..
I wait for you to smile at me
I wait for the confirmation that you are there for me

I wait for you to drift off to sleep
I wait for you to come in my dreams
I wait, I wait to see if that promise you keep

I wait, I hate, I love and I skate to my dream world where you linger my mate
I wait here and I wait there,
I wait for your affection and care

I wait, and I crave and I hope that you’d pull me out of my sad state
I wait for I am a hopeless romantic so don’t blame me for the wait because I believe in fate

I wait and I wake just for your sake I rise and I fall with the sun for your call
I wait for you everyday, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought of you at all

I wait and I solve your problems even though I have too much on my plate
I wait and I wish that someday you’ll say that you’ve realised that its me you have missed

I wait and I have waited and I will always keep waiting till I die
All this because I think you are worth the wait